Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Estranged - arent we all?

I killed myself with a book.
Its words mutilated my thoughts and overruled everything that bore resemblance to me.
Today… I killed myself with a book.
Tomorrow… Am hoping to die at the hands of a film.


nothingman said...

heheh amused to death- arent we tonight?

chook said...

Hi Ben, love your site. Have a look at the video below in response to your entry about the wind

Psychedelic said...

This supermarket life is getting long,
What is the heart life of a colour TV.... Eliminating every other reason,
For our sad demise

Beatrice V said...

I think I am going to enjoy your site very much. I love the unusual take on this poem. Thanks for visiting my page.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. That's pretty stark and violent. That is definitely one way to look at the interaction with literary and film.

floreta said...

this one took me awhile to understand but i love it!! books and movies are necessary vices!

Irving said...

A brilliant ode to our imagination, and losing ourselves in it :)

I loved it :)