Sunday, January 4, 2009

Define Me

Yesterday you asked me, why do I speak?
I, a slave of my habit responded with an answering question as to why do you listen?

Do you not know that I don’t verbalize any words but you create them in your mind through your hearing? You do not make my words discernible when you hear them; you make your own thoughts audible through your hearing. And if my words are your own doing then I am definitely not what you think me to be. The essence of your caricature of me is you, yourself.
Not me.
Do you know what I thus achieve? I achieve independence; I gain a self which is free from your scrutiny …. free from any boundaries you make to restrict it.
I gain ME. But this does not mean I have dissected you. How can I? I do not have the control or the desire. This same verity frees you as well. You only have to realize your freedom just as I have.
Does this make you wonder what am I then?
Do not think on it. Take me as I am just as I have taken you; without queries. There is no other way for us.