Sunday, October 25, 2009

the science behind art

And then you came in
like soft midnight
gliding across any obstacles
that may appear between us

Time went wild
to slow and diminish
the explosion of appearances,
But you stood still, in faith.
A lone witness,
to my death
and birth
in the trembling silence of night.
when all expands and thins out
inside me,
making you
what you are;
my mindless unbidden muse.


chook said...

Ahhh there you are Ben, beautiful as usual. You have captured that special wake/sleep time of the night when the mind is free to roam imaginations highways.

human being said...

making you
what you are


loved the way you unraveled the subject little by little... and so softly...

feel it deeply... what you're talking about...

and seems in the real world we are on the same page too... i was reading you in my reader when your comment popped in my mail...

really enjoyed my visit here... as always... hope to read more form you, my dear understanding friend...

love and peace to you

human being said...

like it very much to ponder on the images you create.. like this one:

Time went wild
to slow and diminish
the explosion of appearances

wow! going wild to slow... this is saying a lot!

meer said...

explosion of appearances... as a metaphor to?

Anonymous said...

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