Monday, May 12, 2008

the smile of a faceless child

I, live in stories
Of left handed trees,

Men with wings,
In glass bottomed ships.

I live my life,


YOU, bid life

on my unfinished words

wondering and waiting
for the trunk to open,

the soul to stretch for an answer

And find the faith to feel


human being said...

knock knock knock
i want to come in
and live in your strange world...
i'm fed up with all these
sensible laws
wrongly believed sent by lord...
i'd like to shake hands
with the left-handed trees...
to watch the fish
not the birds
when my boat
floats with the breeze

i would answer
your unfinished words
and wait a million years
for the trunk to open
just to feel
the soul
who's got faith...

elaytya said...

So dreamy... so wonderful!


nothingman said...

living eternity with words?

Beatrice V said...


Michelle Johnson said...

Incredible writing. Beautiful. I love the first two lines and the ending and find the faith to feel touches home with me right now. This is my favorite poem for sure. Have a nice night.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog.