Saturday, December 8, 2007

thinking as a non-thinking entity

“Koi guum kaheen hai
Koi guum kaheen
Koi soch bhi unki apni nahee…”

'Thinking' is supposed to purge you of your one-dimensional acquisitive views. except, now it’s merely a tool to ruthlessly crack results from 9 to 5. the very process of unmasking is gradually becoming a thick layered anthropomorphic mask, and most of the times i don’t have the energy or the desire to peel off the scrupulous layers.
hence, i am here on this blog, which is not just a monologue for me. it's an anaesthetic, an energized recuperation through expressing a singular tinge of insanity without any of the routine and painstakingly disciplined copywriting, which i am becoming accustomed to writing.

1 comment:

meer said...

liked the "singular tinge of insanity"...sort of saying, one would be lost and with directions, non-chalant contradiction!