Sunday, October 25, 2009

the science behind art

And then you came in
like soft midnight
gliding across any obstacles
that may appear between us

Time went wild
to slow and diminish
the explosion of appearances,
But you stood still, in faith.
A lone witness,
to my death
and birth
in the trembling silence of night.
when all expands and thins out
inside me,
making you
what you are;
my mindless unbidden muse.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The opening of the trunk....

I open my eyes each day and reality becomes my biggest dream.
I feel the odd freshness of breeze, even though the windows are never open.
Cool whispers of air,
trickles of water
become my everyday companions... and I hold easy conversations with the vibrations of my eardrums.
Every sound I hear belongs to me.
Every face I see, is mine.
Wading deeper and deeper into the elated waters of laughter,
I leave a trail of dreams behind me (in case you too decide to lose yourself and find everything in return.)