Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Progressive Poetry

Cyber world is huge, yet all I was able to find on the life of Abdul Ahad Saaz, is this small image attached here. This is how we, the connoisseurs of art, show our tolerance for anything which is untainted with media hype.

One of his famous works is uploaded here. Read it and give voice to your silence.

His fearless approach has bleached a lot of stereotyped modern poetry that we are used to reading these days. So, consider yourself warned as he uses words with such a brutal honesty that you will require gallons of courage just to read them!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Planned farewells give in to spontaneous settlements.

The idiot inside has always been driven by disparities, but is now learning to walk on a side. Completely visible yet not whole, he remains addicted to the inevitable decay. There is no doubt in his head that he will be castigated for eternity, because his crime is blatant integrity. But instead of reacting, he comfortably waits for the dark robe of night to take over. In an attempt to hush silence, he has unknowingly awakened a palette of colorless chaos in his head. Stillness is red in his head and evolution merely a homecoming to his abyss.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Silence is much preferred, especially when you have Pink Floyd’s Dogs barking like crazy in the background. The spectators are, however all dead. Only the song doesn’t care. It hangs around you like a menacing ghost, conjuring illusions of contempt till it develops into a pitiful defense mechanism for your mind. And you are eager; too damn eager to spend your life chasing its elusiveness and find answers to questions you are not even sure of yourself.
This song was to be your exit. Perhaps you don’t need the flight anymore.